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Top 10 Gyms in Marbella: Where to Get Fit in Style

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Marbella, a stunning city on Spain’s Costa del Sol, is renowned for its luxurious lifestyle, beautiful beaches, and vibrant nightlife. But Marbella is not just about relaxation and indulgence; it’s also a fantastic place to focus on health and fitness. With a plethora of top-notch gyms and wellness centers, fitness enthusiasts can enjoy staying in shape while experiencing the city's opulence. Here’s a guide to the top 10 gyms in Marbella where you can get fit in style.

1. Puente Romano Health & Fitness


Located within the prestigious Puente Romano Beach Resort, this health and fitness club offers state-of-the-art facilities, personalized training programs, and a variety of fitness classes.

Facilities and Services

  • Modern Gym Equipment: Equipped with the latest cardio and strength-training machines.

  • Personal Training: Certified trainers provide tailored workout plans.

  • Group Classes: Yoga, Pilates, spinning, and more.

  • Wellness Center: Spa treatments, sauna, and steam rooms.

  • Tennis and Paddle Courts: For those who enjoy outdoor sports.


The gym boasts a luxurious and welcoming atmosphere, with high ceilings and large windows that offer stunning views of the resort’s lush gardens. It’s an ideal place for those who want to combine fitness with relaxation and luxury.

2. Real Club Marbella


Real Club Marbella is one of the most exclusive fitness centers in the city. Known for its elite clientele, it offers a comprehensive range of fitness and wellness services.

Facilities and Services

  • High-Tech Gym: Featuring Technogym equipment.

  • Personal and Group Training: Focused on functional training, HIIT, and strength conditioning.

  • Swimming Pool: Indoor and outdoor pools for lap swimming and aqua aerobics.

  • Spa and Wellness: Full-service spa, including massage and beauty treatments.

  • Nutrition Consultation: On-site nutritionists provide diet plans and advice.


The club exudes elegance and exclusivity, with a design that emphasizes comfort and privacy. It’s perfect for those looking for a sophisticated environment to pursue their fitness goals.

3. Marbella Club Wellness


Part of the iconic Marbella Club Hotel, this wellness center is designed to offer a holistic approach to fitness and health.

Facilities and Services

  • Advanced Gym Facilities: Featuring the latest fitness technology.

  • Personal Training: Custom workout programs with professional trainers.

  • Holistic Wellness: Yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, and more.

  • Thalassotherapy: Treatments using sea water for therapeutic benefits.

  • Detox Programs: Comprehensive detox and weight loss plans.


With its serene and tranquil environment, Marbella Club Wellness provides a peaceful retreat where guests can focus on their health and well-being amidst beautiful surroundings.

4. Glow Wellness & Fitness


Glow Wellness & Fitness is known for its vibrant and dynamic atmosphere, making it a popular choice for those who enjoy high-energy workouts.

Facilities and Services

  • Extensive Gym Equipment: From cardio machines to free weights.

  • Group Classes: Including Zumba, BodyPump, and CrossFit.

  • Personal Training: Specialized sessions for different fitness levels.

  • Spa Services: Sauna, steam room, and therapeutic massages.

  • Nutrition Bar: Healthy snacks and smoothies.


The gym is bright and modern, with an energetic vibe that motivates members to push their limits. It’s ideal for those who thrive in a lively and engaging environment.

5. O2 Wellness Center


O2 Wellness Center is a comprehensive fitness and wellness facility that offers a variety of services to help members achieve their health goals.

Facilities and Services

  • Full-Service Gym: Equipped with top-of-the-line fitness machines.

  • Swimming Pools: Both indoor and outdoor options.

  • Group Fitness Classes: Including spinning, aerobics, and yoga.

  • Spa and Wellness: Facials, massages, and hydrotherapy.

  • Kids’ Club: Supervised activities for children while parents work out.


With its spacious layout and modern design, O2 Wellness Center provides a comfortable and family-friendly environment for all ages.

6. We Life


We Life is a unique fitness studio in Marbella that focuses on providing personalized training in a boutique setting.

Facilities and Services

  • Personalized Training: One-on-one and small group sessions.

  • Specialized Equipment: Innovative tools for functional training.

  • Fitness Classes: TRX, Pilates, and boxing.

  • Wellness Services: Including physiotherapy and nutritional counseling.

  • Lifestyle Coaching: Programs designed to improve overall well-being.


We Life offers an intimate and exclusive setting, perfect for those who prefer a more private and customized fitness experience.

7. Dynamic Marbella


Dynamic Marbella is known for its comprehensive fitness programs and state-of-the-art facilities, catering to both beginners and advanced athletes.

Facilities and Services

  • Advanced Gym Facilities: Including the latest cardio and weight machines.

  • Personal Training: Custom workout and rehabilitation plans.

  • Group Fitness: Spinning, HIIT, and circuit training.

  • Outdoor Training: Sessions on the beach or in parks.

  • Wellness Area: Sauna, jacuzzi, and relaxation zones.


Dynamic Marbella’s modern and high-energy atmosphere is perfect for those looking to challenge themselves and achieve their fitness goals in a supportive environment.

8. Ultimate Performance Marbella


Ultimate Performance Marbella is part of the renowned Ultimate Performance global network, known for its results-driven approach to personal training.

Facilities and Services

  • Exclusive Training Facility: Private and semi-private training sessions.

  • Nutrition Plans: Tailored diet programs to complement training.

  • Body Composition Analysis: Using advanced technology to track progress.

  • Supplement Advice: Recommendations for optimal performance.

  • Holistic Approach: Emphasis on lifestyle changes for sustainable results.


The gym provides a focused and professional environment, ideal for individuals serious about transforming their physique and improving their health.

9. Hard Candy Fitness Marbella


Founded by pop icon Madonna, Hard Candy Fitness Marbella combines fitness with entertainment, offering a unique workout experience.

Facilities and Services

  • Modern Gym Equipment: Cutting-edge machines and free weights.

  • Signature Classes: Including Dance Cardio, Interval Training, and Yoga.

  • Personal Training: Customized programs from certified trainers.

  • Spa Services: Sauna, steam room, and relaxation area.

  • Exclusive Events: Regular fitness events and masterclasses.


Hard Candy Fitness exudes a fun and energetic vibe, making workouts enjoyable and engaging. It’s a great choice for those who love music and dance.

10. Muscle Gym Marbella


Muscle Gym Marbella is a well-equipped facility that caters to bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts who are serious about strength training.

Facilities and Services

  • Extensive Free Weights Area: Dumbbells, barbells, and more.

  • Strength Machines: For every muscle group.

  • Personal Training: Focused on bodybuilding and powerlifting.

  • Nutrition Guidance: Specialized diets for muscle gain.

  • Supplements Shop: On-site store with a variety of supplements.


The gym has a gritty, no-nonsense atmosphere that appeals to hardcore fitness buffs and bodybuilders. It’s a place where dedication and hard work are celebrated.

Marbella’s fitness scene is as diverse and vibrant as the city itself, offering something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a high-energy environment, a luxurious retreat, or a specialized training program, the top 10 gyms in Marbella provide a range of options to help you stay fit and healthy in style. From the elite facilities of Puente Romano Health & Fitness and Real Club Marbella to the dynamic offerings of Glow Wellness & Fitness and Dynamic Marbella, each gym brings its unique flair to the city’s fitness landscape. So, put on your workout gear and get ready to experience the best of Marbella’s fitness culture!